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eHealth / mHealth

We develop eHealth programs for promoting a healthy lifestyle and mHealth apps for patient monitoring and self-management. 

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Wearable sensors

Are you looking for medical-grade data from body sensors? We offer a broad range of wearable sensor technologies that can serve as a basis for your monitoring application.

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Research equipment

Tailor-made tools, equipment and devices specifically suited for your research purposes. We develop unique equipment that enables unique research.

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Medical devices

Being situated at the Maastricht Health Campus, we are your one-stop shop for medical device development, validation and certification. MI is ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified.

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Latest News

energy for life

Studying associations of sedentary behavior and physical activity with quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors Population ageing and increasing survival rates of colorectal cancer patients are leading to an increasing number of colorectal cancers survivors worldwide. Many of these individuals experience long-lasting side effects due to the cancer or its treatment, such as bowel problems or fatigue, which can severely impact their quality of life. Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior have been proposed as means to improve health and functioning of colorectal cancer survivors, but there is still a paucity of research on this topic. Consequently, there are no specific guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior…

BITalino Plugged [kit]

Start developing your own wearables today with BITalino! BITalino is a low-cost toolkit to learn and prototype applications using body signals. It’s for students, teachers, makers, artists, researchers, corporate R&D… no electrical skills required! Order your BITalino wearable sensor development kits at Maastricht Instruments or contact us for a workshop where we help you to create your wearable sensor prototype! … quicker & easier to build medical devices & health tracker apps … enables Makers to quickly bring (…) quantified self wearable devices to life… …for researchers and students alike to explore the physiological world… [/column_1] [/column_1] [/column_1] [/column_1] [/column_1]


Being physically active on a daily basis improves a patients condition, reduces disease side effects and improves quality of life. For diabetes and COPD patients being more physically active is often difficult to achieve because of tightness of the chest or overwheight. A specially developed activity coaching tool for these patients and their care providers proofs to be highly effective. Patients that used the tool achieved an improvement of an additional 11 minutes physical activity on a daily basis. This is the conclusion of an evaluation study in 24 family doctors practices, on which Sanne van der Weegen and Renée Verwey hope to promote on 16 september at Maastricht University. The tool consists…



  • marc-storms
    Dr. Marc Storms (Life sciences and structural biology marketing manager at FEI)
    "The Vitrobot came at precisely the right time. The device has set the global standard for the vitrification market."
  • peter-frederik
    Dr. Peter Frederik (Former head of the Electron Microscopy Department at Maastricht University)
    "They offer an incomparable amount of passion and expertise. The Vitrobot is an international success and is included in many leading scientific journals."
  • tos-berendschot
    Dr. Tos Berendschot (Researcher at the University Eye Clinic Maastricht)
    "I started looking for a company capable of making reproductions of my research prototype for research colleagues. Maastricht Instruments was the ideal partner."
  • kenneth-meijer
    Dr. Kenneth Meijer (Assistant Professor of Movement Sciences)
    "They don't just blindly follow orders but actively brainstorm to find the best possible solution."
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